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A Recipe for Disaster: Guacamole for Gays

By Rachael Frost

Ever wondered what the ‘G’ stands for in LGBT+? Find out below.


-  Half an onion

-  Half a chilli

-  Two avocados

-  A clove of garlic

-  Three cherry tomatoes

-  The juice of half a lime

-  A bunch of coriander

-  A pinch of salt

Method: - Cut the onion, chilli, tomatoes and garlic into small pieces. - Shred the coriander with scissors. - Scoop out the avocados and cut them into small cubes. - Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix together until it resembles guac. - Flavour test – add more lime, salt, or chillies to fit your taste.

Serving suggestion: tortilla chips, sour cream, and tomato salsa.



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