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It doesn't have to be Fancy

It can be very easy to get hung up on the material value of things. We spend more of our lives consuming products, and prices, than ever before. Each day there’s a new trend, or a new activity, or a new coffee shop. Constant incentives to spend and spend and spend. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with a good day out and a quick shopping spree or a coffee treat, it can be hard to keep up both financially and energetically. But life doesn’t have to revolve around finances, and more importantly neither should relationships. 

In this piece, I'll discuss why more often than not a handwritten letter, or a cheap bouquet of flowers does as much, if not more, than a lavish gift or day out. And why keeping things chill and lowkey can benefit not just your romantic relationships but also your platonic relationships too.

Non-extravagant gifts play a pivotal role in fostering genuine connections within a relationship. Unlike some opulent gestures, these modest tokens of affection are rich in sincerity and thoughtfulness. By choosing gifts that are not defined by their monetary value, individuals invest in the emotional currency of their relationship. These offerings, whether personalised mementos, shared experiences, or handwritten notes, become enduring symbols of care and understanding. In choosing simplicity over extravagance, the focus shifts from material opulence to the intrinsic value of the relationship itself. Non-extravagant gifts emphasise the beauty in subtlety, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and appreciation. They underscore the notion that it is the sentiment and effort behind the gift, rather than its cost, that truly strengthens the bond between individuals, fostering a connection that transcends the material realm and stands the test of time.

In the realm of friendships, the benefits of relaxed socialisation cannot be overstated. Unlike elaborate events or grand gatherings, casual and laid-back moments create an environment where friends can truly be themselves. Simple get-togethers, impromptu hangouts, or shared activities allow for genuine connections to flourish. The absence of formalities and expectations in these settings fosters a sense of ease and authenticity, paving the way for open communication and camaraderie. Relaxed socialisation enables friends to unwind, share anecdotes, and enjoy each other's company without the pressure of planning extravagant events. These informal interactions often lead to the creation of lasting memories, strengthening the foundation of trust and understanding. In embracing the simplicity of relaxed socialisation, friends prioritise the joy of each other's presence, highlighting that the essence of a strong friendship lies in the shared moments of laughter, comfort, and mutual support, rather than the extravagance of elaborate plans.

So whether it’s a relaxed evening with a loved one, or a walk along the beach with a friend, it’s always worth keeping in mind that there are many options that help you prioritise your finances and your relationships at the same time. Not sacrificing one for the other, and enabling everyone to have fun.

By Teigan A (she/her)


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