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Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 2023

Updated: Mar 7

One of my most shameful qualities is that I remained a Rocky Horror virgin until yesterday. How can I call myself a cinema connoisseur and active theater-goer without having ticked off this spectacular classic? Well, the bright side of this is that my Rocky Horror virginity was taken by this year’s deliciously slutty and especially mesmerizing production at the Byre and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

ID: actors during the Time Warp

While I was initially taken aback by seeing double on stage— with the actors playing the characters as they are simultaneously portrayed in the movie projecting behind them— this move paid homage to the classic Rocky Horror while depicting the production’s own dark and comedic twists. Riff Raff’s (portrayed by Olivia McGrath) inflatable penis shooting lasers was a clever touch. The disco ball descending as Rocky (portrayed by Charlie Macbeth) played nicely with the lighting. The ensemble’s bouncing headlights to mimic a car, along with the arm “windshield wipers” were especially sexy. Well done.

ID: Brad, Janet and Riff-Raff

Speaking of, the ensemble was simply glorious to watch. From their stellar costumes throughout to their dazzling dance moves, I was blown away by their talent. For lack of a better word, it was truly delectable. Other standout performances include Kylie Lam as the Usherette, Marcus Judd as the Criminologist and, of course, Dylan Swain as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Swain brings such delicious power to this character.

Yes, I am very much aware that this review is being published after Rocky has concluded last night. However, let this show that St Andrews’ Rocky productions are never ones to be missed, and that you too should experience throwing toast across a stage and chanting “slut!” every other minute at one point or another.

Ami x



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