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Spotify Wrapped: Blog Team Edition!

Updated: Mar 7

Welcome to the compilation of some of our blog writers' Spotify Wrapped! Read ahead to judge Ian, Bee, Ami, Lina, Jack T, and Freya's 2023 Spotify!

To quote my friend's younger brother who looked over my shoulder (with no context) as I was formatting this, these Spotify Wrappeds perfectly exemplify "both neurodivergent and gay" music. I think this was supposed to be a joke, but I did explain that this is 'The Gay Saint' blog. So, read ahead for a wide variety of gay music choices!! <3

Lina (she/they)

Ian's Spotify Wrapped: (he/him)

Bee's Spotify Wrapped (she/her)

Ranking in the top 0.5% of 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) listeners leaves no doubt as to whose concert I went to last October (PSA that if you get the chance to see 5SOS live then TAKE IT). But interesting that no 5SOS songs ranked in my top five songs, instead the most of wlw musicians, Hozier, has snapped up the top three positions due to my preparation for his 2023 album release (which did NOT disappoint). Speaking of album releases, it would be remiss of me not to mention Taylor Swift who ranked as a strong third - 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is my Roman Empire and I am SO HYPED for Eras Tour 2024! I have to admit that Stray Kids ranking second surprised me because I hadn’t thought I’d been actively listening to them but then I realised that they feature in all my ‘Getting Ready’ and ‘Cleaning’ playlists - Stray Kids really getting me through those house inspections.

Fall Out Boy I will not mention except to say that my inner Emo-esque 13-year-old self is clearly still buried deep within me no matter how hard I try to suppress her.

Happy listening!

Ami's Spotify Wrapped (she/her)

Top 5 artists:

1. florence + the machine

2. taylor swift

3. imagine dragons

4. fall out boy

5. nelly furtado

Top 5 songs:

1. maneater by nelly furtado

2. bottom of the river by delta rae

3. soldier poet king by the oh hellos

4. bones by imagine dragons

5. run boy run by woodkid

Lina's Spotify Wrapped (she/they)

I knew that my top artist would be either Miss Swift or Maisie Peters: T Swizzle won out! I anticipate 2024 will be much the same, particularly given I’m seeing Taylor on her eras tour (only a slight flex <3) Maisie won out with top songs, however: songs 1, 2, and 5 are all from Maisie’s latest album The Good Witch, released in June. Song 3 (‘Everything Else’ from the Broadway musical Next to Normal) exposed the theatre kid in me (which makes sense, given that my top genre was Broadway…) and Song 4 highlighted my love for Taylor and Phoebe Bridgers – ‘Nothing New’.

My top three artists make sense to me (Taylor, Maisie, Noah Kahan) but I don’t actually have an explanation for the last two. Not entirely sure how Andrew Lloyd Webber reached number four, but that’s something we never need to talk about again. Apparently I peaked in August? I must have really been going through it.


Anyway, I’m taking this as an opportunity to shamelessly plug The Good Witch. ‘History of Man’ by Maisie Peters was my top song, as it deserved to be. Possibly the best song ever written!! Too many amazing top lyrics to choose from but consider this:


“You burned down Easter Island / As if it wasn’t sacred / As if it wasn’t sacred to me”“Samson blamed Delilah, but given half the chance I, I would’ve made him weaker too”“The men start wars, yet Troy hates Helen / Women’s hearts are lethal weapons / Did you hold mine and feel threatened?”

“I save you a seat and then you say you wanna stand”


Honestly, I’m surprised that song Number 2. was the title song, ‘The Good Witch’. It’s admittedly a very good song (moment of appreciation for “Still King’s Cross and pulling heartbreak out of hats / Still argue like my mother and suppress stuff like my dad” AND “all I do is think about the past / and haunt a house nobody lives in”). However, I wonder whether my main obsession with it is her links to her previous album? The song begins with “Still me here… Still upset, but now I’m twenty-two” MEANWHILE her last album begun with “I am twenty, and probably upset right now.” Coincidence? Absolutely not. She’s also says she’s “still bitter” (throwback to “I might be bitter” in her song ‘I’m Trying (Not Friends)’) and, possibly my favourite, she asks “am I better yet?” – a reference to “I know I’ll get better, I’m just not better yet” in ‘You Signed Up For This’. Basically, I think the symbolism in this song is insane!


‘Wendy’ was my all-time favourite when I first listened to this album and, to be honest, I’m surprised it’s only at Number 5. It is told from the perspective of Wendy (from Peter Pan) and made me wish I was good at art because the lyrics HIT so hard I actually didn’t know what to do with myself and wanted to paint a picture of it but I can’t paint so it was just an L. I don’t know how else you can cope with lyrics like “If I’m not careful I’ll wake up and we’ll be married / And I’ll still flinch at the sound of the door”???? Additionally, “you’re calling like the future / then you’re closed up like a fist”????? And, of course, “we could live off of magic and maybes” <3


I actually did not intend to write all that oops so I’m going to disappear before I analyse every song on my top 100, peace out and love and light to 2024!


Lina (she/they)

Jack T's Spotify Wrapped (they/he)

Freya's Spotify Wrapped (she/they)

I like to say that in terms of music, I'm a rock-lover through and through… I adore RockSoc here at St Andrews, which not only has an amazing fashion scene and one of the most inclusive LGBTQIA+ communities I've ever encountered in my life… but also the best music (as far as club nights at this uni are concerned). Modern Alternative Rock was my #4 top genre in Spotify Wrapped and if alternative music comes on at the Union, you will easily spot me as that one very tall human having the time of their life. 


That said, I apparently ignored that entire sentiment in 2023, because my Top 5 all ended up being some type of pop. So here, I am delighted to share my songs, and hopefully justify how I accidentally slightly strayed from the alternative community (please still accept me, RockSoc…).


Close Your Eyes For This - Texada

Close your eyes for this,

Gonna get high from this,

Fireworks in the sky for this,

I bet you've never been kissed like

Like a prayer from your lips


The way I reacted to this song is both my greatest pride and deepest shame. I discovered it on the 18th September 2023, and in the short few months that followed, listened to it an embarrassing 540 times. It was my obsession in the truest sense of the word. It was the background vibe for my daily commutes, my studying white noise, and (most importantly) the soundtrack of my daydreams when I got bored and felt like playing out scenarios in my head. It defined the beginning of Semester 1 for me, and I was so in love with the chorus that I wrote it out and pinned it to my corkboard.


The reason I adore this song so much is because it is, to me, the only song I have ever discovered that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of a first kiss, and that is how I interpreted it upon the very first listen. Describing the moment as something comparable to “fireworks in the sky” and “like a prayer” captures the explosive passion of a first kiss, the anticipation and the excitement. The otherworldly feeling, almost divine. And how addictive that feeling can be - it was as if that same addictive feeling was woven into the beat of that song, because I truly couldn't stop listening to it.


Grip - Lights

I don't wanna think anymore, not anymore

Never let my head down, head down

I'll close every door, every door

If it means I can keep on holding you now


This song is the perfect example of how sometimes the instrumental can sometimes outshine the lyrics. To understand why this song has such a hold over me, you just simply have to listen to it yourself. Grip was created with the purpose of being a dramatic tribute to the dark synth-pop genre, and in my opinion, does it perfectly. But what captured my attention is the way this song builds up - beginning slow, quiet and tentative before swelling into an ecstatic explosion of whirring synth, all the while the angelic voice of Lights remains seamlessly intertwined.


While musically a masterpiece, this song is also lyrically passionate. I'm a sucker for songs about love, and this appears to be no exception. Grip has arguably simple lyrics, but in this situation, the simplicity just allows the instrumental to shine as it should. I always interpreted this song to be about adoring someone to the point you never want to be away from them, and that insanely intense feeling is introduced through the lyrics, but driven home by the equally intense music.


To summarise, saying that I adore this song is an understatement: I would give anything to be able to hear it for the first time again and be completely mesmerised by its beauty once more.


Bdy - Stalgia

In drive don't stop 'til I'm new

Run every light 'til my mind is unglued

Til all that is high is the smoke that we knew

Inhaling each time to a different you


A lot of the time, I fall in love with songs for one specific moment - such is the case for Bdy. That's not to say that the rest of the song is to be ignored (in fact, I would highly recommend the entire album it's on), but this song has something addictive enough for me to have played it over 300 times. And that thing is the bridge. Something that scratches my brain is when artists perform their lyrics in a slightly surprising way, and in this bridge, the word “high” is sung in a breathy, almost angelic voice, as if the sentence itself ascends at that particular word. It caught me off guard upon first listen. Bdy is a very dreamy sounding song, striking an impressive balance between being sonically ethereal and lyrically pop, and that makes it so enchanting to listen to.


I have a habit of attributing songs to memories in my life (this has been the case for all 5 of these top songs, and beyond), and Bdy is no exception. I discovered it in late January, just as Semester 2 began, and around the time I started to establish good friendships and familiar roots in St Andrews. It is nostalgic to me, and reminds me of the feeling of belonging.


Escapism - RAYE, 070 Shake

A little context if you care to listen

I find myself in a sh*t position

The man that I love sat me down last night

And he told me that it's over, dumb decision


I'm sure this song needs no explanation. As my token “viral” song, Escapism sounded like nothing I'd ever heard from a pop song before when I discovered it, and I'm sure it was just as refreshing to everyone else as it was to me. Having listened to (and purchased the vinyl record of) RAYE’s entire debut album, I have since learnt that she is truly a songwriting genius, and a born performer. The passion she has for her work is blatantly obvious in every line she has written and sung, and it bleeds from Escapism. 


I discovered Escapism in December 2022, so this song feels very wintery to me - but in the cold, lost way. The lyrics aren't fun or happy, but not every masterpiece has to be: this song truly captures the feeling of heartbroken directionlessness, the notion of lashing out and rejecting anything good, and the act of turning to unhealthy habits to cope. RAYE tells this captivating story, rooted in personal experience and an anecdotal angle, all while maintaining impressive lyric structure, and when the song is over you can't help but feel an immense satisfaction that everything was wrapped up so perfectly in four and a half minutes.


Monster - Lady Gaga

He ate my heart

(I love that girl)

He ate my heart

(Wanna talk to her, she's hot as hell)


In Semester 1 of the current academic year, I developed a very sudden, random obsession with Lady Gaga. This was probably most likely encouraged by having more nights at the Union than last year, and gaining a soft spot for mainstream pop music. Monster is the epitome of this love. I have no profound lyrical analysis or pretentious opinions about the instrumental. My reasons for adoring this song stop at the surface: it is simply a bop, through and through.

That's it for my 2023 Top 5! Here's to 2024, and another year of completely healthy musical obsessions!


Freya (she/they) <3


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