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The Gay Saint blog: relaunch!

Do you like gay stuff? Do you like silly little things? Do you like blogs?

Then this is a space for you!

I'm Lina (she/they) and, as the Head of Online Content, am so pumped to welcome you back to The Gay Saint blog (revival edition)! We have a LOT of plans for this upcoming year and an amazing team of writers & editors to bring them to life. We'll be covering all sorts of areas, including (but not limited to) fashion, theatre, sports, food & drink, and astrology. Just a few topics we've discussed writing about include the moon cycle, the gayest places in St Andrews, queer experience in sports (women's football, my beloved <33) and "any wee gay thing I think of :D"

For the foreseeable future we'll be posting approximately twice a week (posting schedule currently on Sundays and Wednesdays but we might change it about a bit just for funsies) and will hopefully increase that amount gradually - we'll try not to spam but no promises xx

Keep your eyes peeled for our talented writers' pieces and, if you have any questions, drop us an email at or message our Instagram page (@thegaysaintmagazine.)

See you soon! Lina (she/they)

P.S. Publicly using this space to declare that my bestie was a Lucy Bronze stan before it was cool (...also, I was a Mary Earps stan before it was cool <3)


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