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The idea for Transcend originated in September at the first Transfest Subcommittee meeting of 2020-2021, although the name was not coined until much later by the editorial board. With the ongoing pandemic, we knew we needed to approach this year’s events and the presence of our St Andrews gender diverse community with fresh eyes and inspiration.


The zine developed as a wonderful way to build our community through creative expression. So often the representation of gender diverse people’s lives and bodies in media and daily life is filtered through a cis gaze in order to make our existence palatable to a cis audience.

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As a by-trans-for-trans publication, Transcend intends to capture living gender diverse joy unfettered by the limitations of cisnormativity. Our hope in launching Transcend is to provide gender diverse people a place to shine and express themselves fully within St Andrews.


"I want to extend my fullest gratitude to the wonderful members of the editorial board and design team—without your creative genius, passion for the project, and hours of tireless labour we could never have hoped to accomplish what we have." - Greysen (They/Them) Trans and Non-Binary Officer 2020-2021

Spring 2021
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