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Learn about who we are, what our aim is, and where we come from

The Modern Saints LGBT+

The Saints LGBT+ are fortunate enough to be one of a small number of subcommittees within the Students Association. This means that every matriculated students of the University is automatically a member of the Saints LGBT+, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, and we do not charge membership fees. We are represented on the Student Services Council (SSC) by our elected Association LGBT Officer, who holds the position of President of the subcommittee.

Our events run regularly throughout the year and are, like the subcommittee as a whole, fully open to anybody who wishes to attend. Each academic year we elect a subcommittee. This collection of students is also dedicated to being available to talk to others and foster a welcoming atmosphere. 

But the most important part of the subcommittee is our student membership. Without the support and engagement of the community we would not be able to host the events that we do or provide the resources that we can. We look forward to seeing our society grow and move forward!


Interested in our history? Find out more about how we came to be here!

Committee 2022-2023

Towards the end of each academic year our entire committee is dissolved and created anew. With the main Students Association elections a new LGBT Officer is chosen by the entire student population, and they become the new Saints LGBT+ President. For the rest of the committee, most are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) by ballot from attendees, whilst a few are interviewed and appointed directly by the President and a selection panel. 

Below you can find the current committee, with a brief introduction to their role. Should you wish to contact one of our committee members directly, simply send an email to addressed to either their name or their position and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Sofia Johnson


Elected as Association LGBT Officer, oversees the running of the subcommittee and sits on the Students Services Committee

Elena Ewence


Manages the welfare initiatives put forward by the subcommittee, as well as overseeing training of committee and subcommittee members.

Max Grainge


Directs all correspondence  and minutes of the subcommittee, as well as improving the circulation of information to our members.

George Kingsley-Moore


Oversees the budgeting and spending of the subcommittees, as well as coordinating fundraising and sponsorships.

Jack Kennedy


In charge of promotion of all events and campaigns throughout the years, and looks after all of our social media accounts.

Tess Sherlock


Takes care of all trans-focused initiatives from the clothing drive to TransFest, and helping the Uni stay up to date with policy. 

Sydney Piepgrass


Nathan Cuttica


Matthew Colquhoun


Oversees our community projects, such as identity specific meetups and Queer Theory, as well as being the point of contact for new projects.

Directs the planning and execution of QueerFest and Pride, in addition to chairing the subcommittee for each festival.

In charge of identifying and rolling out awareness initiatives and producing targeted and strategic campaigns, such as LGBT+ History Month and Trans Day of Remembrance.

Chloe Moore


Jack Travers 


Jack Sloop


Chairs the Glitterball subcommittee, with a significant input in higher level management of the event and steering its overall design.

Chairs the Gay Saint Subcommittee. In charge of editing and coordinating the publication of our newspaper, The Gay Saint

In charge of promotions and graphic design for our events and initiatives, as well as running our website.

Becca Hain


In charge of promotions and graphic design for our events and initiatives, as well as running our website.

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