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Here you can find out how to get involved with Saints LGBT+

Trans Clothing Drive 

Transitioning can be a costly process, one factor being the price of changing your wardrobe to express your identity outwardly. The clothing drive exists to allow transgender students to find clothes that help them feel comfortable and confident, and more visibly themselves.

The drive consists of donations from students and locals, as well as products from companies specialising in attire for transgender people. This means that as well as having plenty of clothes such as shirts, dresses and jeans, we can also offer more trans-specific items, including breast forms and binders.

Saints LGBT+ will advertise when the drive is openly collecting donations, but if you have something to donate outside of this please let the committee know. Likewise, we have events throughout the year where the drive will be set up for people to come along and collect from. If you feel you could benefit from the drive outside of one of these days, get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Facebook Groups

We have private facebook groups for our Asexual & Aromantic,  Trans and Non-binary, LGBT+ People of Colour (BAME/POC), LGBT+ Disabilities, LGBT+ Freshers and LGBT+ Postgraduate communities at St Andrews. Here we organise socials and post information about upcoming events for these communities that you may be interested in, plus any other information you may find useful.


Asexual/Aromantic Facebook Group

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LGBT+ Disabilities Facebook Group

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Trans and Non-Binary Facebook Group

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LGBT+ Freshers Facebook Group


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LGBT+ People of Colour (BAME/POC) Facebook Group

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LBGT+ Postgraduate Facebook Group

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Mailing List

Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with everything we do and to see how you can get involved!


There are many different subcommittees that you can apply for if you want to get more involved with SaintsLGBT+. Keep an eye out on social media to see when our applications open or email us for more information!

Wellbeing Committee

Passionate about LGBT+ Wellbeing? As a member of the wellbeing committee, you will sit on a committee of other passionate LGBT+ individuals and lead some of our identity-specific meetups and discussion groups. 

The Gay Saint

Come join the team which creates our official student-led inclusive newspaper The Gay Saint. We publish articles, creative writing, illustrations and much more! 

Transfest Committee

Help us host our annual week-long celebration of trans and nonbinary people, which in 2020 will have an online version in November of semester 1 and an in-person version in second semester!

Queerfest Committee

Get involved with organising Queerfest, our weeklong queer culture festival focusing on LGBTQ+ arts and history. 

Glitterball Committee

Be a part of the team which creates our fabulous annual formal ball, held in St. Andrews. 

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