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Committee meeting minutes and other miscellaneous documents

All of our minutes and documents are prepared and maintained by our Communications Officer. Should they be unable to be present at a meeting or otherwise unable to complete this duty then this passes over to another committee member present, usually in the Executive.

Having all of our meetings open and the minutes publically available is part of our transparency objective. As a subcommittee we have certain obligations to fulfill regarding being open and clear with our members, which includes the entirety of the student population. 

We endeavour to have all of our minutes available within 48 hours of the meeting occurring. This gives us time to review the minutes and make sure no errors are present. In addition to this, important documentation regarding the Saints LGBT+, the committee, or it's members will be published here, as and when they appear.


Should you spot any errors in these documents then we would be very grateful if you could send us an email addressed to Secretary at and we will rectify this as soon as we can.

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