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Trans Clothing Closet

Finding the clothes you want to wear as you transition can be hard - so we've collected a closet full of clothes, binders, breast forms, packers, tucking underwear, and accessories!

Stop by during the next trans-focused event, or email us at to come try things on - all free of charge! 

Transition Guide

Saints LGBT+ and Student Services have created this guide to help you navigate transition in St Andrews. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Last updated: Sep 2020

GP support guide
for trans people

TransActual has developed a pamphlet (link below) with information on how trans people can make inquiries with their GP or seek transition-related services.


Last updated: July 2021

How to update your name in st andrews

Please click the link below for the short list of steps to changing your name in the University system. 


Last updated: Jan 2021

Help Hub

Looking for something the Union might be able to help with?

Heart & Hands

Our Curated List of EXTERNAL Resources

Our committee has put together a list of external sources of information and contact details.

Coffee Meetups

We run multiple coffee meet-ups during the semester for different queer identities, so you can meet people like you. 

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