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Trans Clothing Closet

Finding the clothes you want to wear as you transition can be hard- so we've collected a closet full of clothes, binders, breast forms, packers, tucking underwear, and accessories!

Stop by during the next trans focused event, or email us at to come try things on- all free of charge! 

Transition Guide

Saints LGBT+ and Student Services have created this guide to help you navigate transition in St Andrews. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Last updated: 18/09/2020

COVID-19 Trans GP Support Guide

TransActual has developed a pamphlet to help those seeking GP support during COVID-19.


Last updated: Dec 2020

How to update your name in st andrews

Last updated: Jan 2021

Help Hub

Looking for something the Union might be able to help with?

Heart & Hands

Our Curated List of EXTERNAL Resources

Our committee has put together a list of external sources of information and contact details.

Coffee Meetups

We run coffee meet-ups every Sunday afternoon-each devoted to a different identity, so you can meet people like you.