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TransFest is an annual week-long celebration of trans and nonbinary people, hosted by Saints LGBT+. It is held in the runup to Trans Day of Remembrance (TDoR), on the 20th November. We have a wide variety of events throughout the festival, and all of them are spaces where trans people can be themselves and build relationships. Our events focus on the wellbeing of the local transgender community, with plenty of opportunities to have a good time.

Some of our favourite events from TransFest 2019 include the Gender Expression Salon where people who are trans/questioning their gender enjoyed playing with makeup and experimenting with expression, our Life Drawing event which started with a panel of trans students talking about body confidence and ended with a life drawing session featuring transgender models, and the Trans Arts Bash which created a space for trans artists to display their work as well as for the whole community to make some art.


On Trans Day of Remembrance, Saints LGBT+ hold a vigil in memory of all the people who have been killed for being transgender in the past year. This usually consists of the names of these people being read aloud by trans students of the University of St Andrews, as well as some quiet time for all attendees to use in a way that is meaningful to them. In 2018, we held an outdoor procession with torches. In 2019, the vigil was held in St Salvator’s Chapel, and attendees lit candles to commemorate the lives of those lost. The ceremony is always a safe place for everyone, regardless of gender identity or religious affiliation, to remember and mourn the loss of these members of our community.