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Review: Glitterball Launch

Sometimes, I’m not so fond of St Andrews. I don’t care that you lot are trendy and it’s uncool to try too hard. Please, for the love of god, dress up. I want thots, not thoughts!  

That being said, the gays know how to turn up at the function. The theme of the Glitterball Launch party was summer camp, and most people were giving canoe instructor realness. I saw many pairs of sunglasses and big t-shirts, summer dresses and jeans (although these are also pretty standard items of clothing). I personally was going for 70s campfire storyteller, although I probably didn’t achieve it. 

The camp theme continued with many (many) free camp stickers which gave me violent flashbacks to throwing up on someone else’s sleeping bag when I was about 8 and getting sent home from a Brownies trip. Aside from this formative memory, I did rate the stickers, and am currently writing this article with about 15 in my pocket.  

Themed cocktails for the night had names such as Clitterball, Glitteris and Glitter Me Timbers. Not quite serving camp, but certainly Glitterball orientated (also tasty). Clitterball was my personal favourite, but that’s because I love Sex on the Beach in all its forms, and this had cranberry juice in it. Cocktails also contained edible glitter, which was a very nice touch, and reminded me of those squishy tube snakes filled with miscellaneous sparkly liquid. For clarification, that is a compliment.  

Other camp themed activities included friendship bracelet making, which my friend and I were captivated by for most of the event. She created many wonderful works of art, I kept forgetting to tie mine and beads went everywhere. I’m a craftsman like that. 

The actual ‘launch’ itself was little more than 5 minutes, in which we found out the headline for this year’s Glitterball is drag queen Cara Melle! Cara Melle placed 6th on Series 5 of UK Drag Race and has a very cool mug on her merch website. Now, I can’t say that I am an avid Drag Race consumer, as I can only take RuPaul in small doses, but what I do know is that this looks to be a very exciting act! 

Unfortunately, I lost my wallet in Molly’s last week* (if anyone has seen it, let me know), so I did not attend the Queer Night afterwards. This was very sad because it looked busier than the usual 10 attendee mark. It’s times like these where I miss 601, as in Beacon Bar the general public can see me cutting absolutely diabolical shapes from their vantage points on the streets. 

I digress! All in all, The Glitterball launch shapes the big event itself up to be a very fun evening – although it will probably not have the same amount of denim and bandanas in attendance. 

erin (any pronouns)

*absolutely stone cold sober, I might add.  


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