QueerFest is Saints LGBT+’s week-long queer culture festival that we focus on arts and history. Headlined perennially by Drag Walk, the sell-out student drag competition, QueerFest brings together events and collaborations with other university societies, performers and organisations from around Scotland that showcase the presence and influence of LGBTQ+ people across literature, dance, nightlife, music, film and more.


QueerFest 2020 saw the debut of the Memories Project to document the queer experience in St Andrews, a collaboration exhibit with the Glasgow Women’s Library on the history of the queer voice in Scotland, the return of the Arts Bash, and the launch of the Gay Saint. QueerFest 2021 will be led by a fantastic new team of students, so make sure to watch Saints LGBT+’s social media channels for ways to get involved and to see the events that will be put together!


Drag Walk is an annual student drag competition put on by Saints LGBT+. Started by RuJazzle, the sell-out show features student monarchs fighting through challenges to be crowned St Andrews’ next drag superstar. Fierce performances in the halftime show snatch wigs without fail. The drag community in St Andrews is growing, and while this show-stopping contest is not to be missed, this isn’t the only chance you’ll get to see drag artists take the stage. Find the Drag Walk Facebook page here!