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2020 Lunar Calendar

by Madam Asteria

The Lunar New Year begins on January 25th, and lasts until February 11th.

Significant Lunar Events* (as visible from St. Andrews) Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Visible: January 10 (Wolf Moon), June 5, July 5, November 30 Super Full Moon: March 9, April 8, Super New Moon: October 16, November 15

Micro Full Moon: October 1 (Hunter’s/Harvest Moon), October 31 Micro New Moon: March 24, Black Moon: August 19 Blue Moon: October 31

*Glossary Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: The Earth’s shadow (umbra) misses the Moon during this eclipse, there are no other locations on Earth where the Moon appears partially or totally eclipsed during this event. It is quite subtle, and can be difficult to observe.

Super Full/New Moon: When a Full or New Moon occurs at the Moon’s closest position to Earth.

Micro Full/New Moon: When a Full or New Moon occurs near apogee.

Black Moon: Third New Moon in a season with four New Moons, only happens every two and half years. Also known as ‘dark moon’ or ‘Lilith moon’ by astrologers.

Blue Moon: Second Full Moon in a single calendar month, happens every two to three years.

Your Guide to the Moon and Her Cycle

An ancient and powerful feminine symbol, the moon has always held significance in human life. Its impact can be traced back to how we track and understand time, planetary rotations and the moving tides of the ocean, not to mention its believed influence over our energetic fields. Among other things, it represents wisdom, illusion, intuition and spiritual connection. Each phase of the moon has astrological significance, on each sign independently and generally speaking. In this issue, I will cover the general significance and meaning of each moon phase.

New Moon Beginnings

In this phase, the Moon and Sun are joined in the same sign. It represents the beginning of the planting cycle, and as such gardeners maintain that this is the best time to plant seeds. It is a tentative moment, with the outcome very uncertain. At this time, the world is a blank slate for you to do as you wish, and make your own rules for yourself. This is the time to start anew.

Corresponds with the Winter Solstice.

Crescent Moon Initiative

In this phase, the Moon is waxing, halfway between the New and First Quarter Moon. The seed that was planted has now begun to grow, but now must contend with an environment that can be perceived as wearisome, difficult and even hostile. Despite resistance, you charge forward with new ideas, invested in a sense of purpose. However, you are also aware of challenges represented by the status quo.

Corresponds with Imbolc and Candlemas.

First Quarter Moon Action/Growth Seven days after the first new moon, in this phase the Moon is waxing and squares the Sun. It represents the seed sprouting leaves. You are willful, confident in your ability to build the structures to bring your ideas to life. Although accompanied with struggle, now is the time to exert the effort to make your dreams reality, to do something practical.

Corresponds with Spring Equinox.

Gibbous Moon Movement/Perfection

This phase has the Moon waxing, halfway between First Quarter and Full Moon. As such, the next seven days have a forward momentum. The sprout has begun to bud, a flower soon to come. At this point, if you had begun something new, you should begin to see the beginning of some results. You are drawn even more to accomplishing your goals in an analytical and detail oriented framework, not content to be done until everything is perfect.

Corresponds with Beltane and May Day

Full Moon Harvest/Clarity

Now the Moon and Sun are directly opposite each other on opposite sides of the Earth. Lunar energies peak now, 14 days into a cycle. The planting cycle sees the flower emerge. Emotions peak, and you become aware of your impact on others. The key words of this cycle are objectivity and relationships, and you see the influence others have, as well as your own influence. Work and accomplishments mean nothing without other people.

Corresponds with Summer Solstice.

Disseminating Moon Thinking/Sharing

As the Moon begins to wane, energies and thoughts turn inwards. The flower now bears the first appearance of fruit in the planting cycle. As you have learned from your experience and accomplishments as a creator in a specific field, your purpose is to now share with others. It is a good time to think about the projects and directions you are following, to use what you have learned, bide your time. As with the planting cycle, you have seen the fruit of your labor.

Corresponds with Lammas and Harvest Festival.

Last Quarter Moon Shuffling the Deck/Decline

In this phase, the Moon is waning and squares the Sun. The plant has now been harvested, and what remains returns to the ground. This is a time to work with what you have, and make it better. Not necessarily a good time to go after anything new, but a great time to polish up your skills and make things work out. You may be discontent during this cycle, so anything you find you don’t need, or isn’t working can be thrown out or recycled.

Corresponds with Fall Equinox.

Balsamic Moon Release/Preparation

This phase has the Moon waning and halfway between Last Quarter and New Moon. The seed from the fruit is maturing, awaiting a new planting cycle. If you want to let go, now’s the perfect time to focus on that desire. You may feel peaceful or empty, distanced/disconnected from reality. You may feel the need to leave the past behind, and face forward with a new sense of mission to help something new emerge.

The final days just before the New Moon are also called the dark of the Moon, because they shed so little light. Symbolically, this suggests the inner world is more important than the outer world at this point in the cycle.

Corresponds with Samhain and Halloween.

Void of Course Confusion

Not truly a moon phase, but rather a period of time usually lasting less than a day when the Moon “wanders” after her last major aspect to another planet, and until she enters her next sign. Things can be more difficult, and subject to unexpected changes. People can be less likely to make decisions during a void of course Moon.


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